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Orphaned to Hatred - Party Tricks - Music

Orphaned to Hatred is a professional party catering, event planning, and entertainment service that has been making great events for many years now. Their expertise is making a fun and memorable event by providing the best in party entertainment. If you are trying to throw a party the way the professionals do it, this article has a few tips and tricks to help you out. Creating a good party isn’t just about making a couple fliers and having lots of friends and a good location, it requires nuance and skill in order to make it memorable. One of the best tools to do this is to come up with a great playlist for your party to rock people’s socks off.

Orphaned To Hatred

Any party is improved by adding a little music to the mix. The real key is finding the music to match the mood of the party and the event. For instance, an art-themed party that showcases paintings, may prefer softer classical piano, whereas a pool party might prefer some casual classic rock or pop. A post-prom party may want to implement some slow songs or inspiring graduation tunes that really punctuate the last four years of experience. Music is all about evoking emotion, so find the emotions that are appropriate for your party, then the music that complements it. Coming up with a good music mix is sure to make your party memorable. Slow jams or death metal ballads, it’s all about the mood you are trying to set.

Orphaned to Hatred is a professional party service that also provides musical entertainment.

Orphaned to Hatred - Party Host Tricks

Orphaned to Hatred is an experienced caterer, event planner, and entertainment service that has been planning great parties for over twenty years. They are a service that goes above and beyond to make sure an event is a big hit. If you too want your event to rival the success of professionals, a little bit of research can go a long way. The difference between a great party and an okay party is a very thin line. Sometimes the smallest and simplest things go the longest way to create an impression on people. Making a good impression is half the battle for making a great party. One way to accomplish this in style is by getting some great lighting to set the mood.

Orphaned To Hatred

Lighting can give a party the mood and feel it needs to really set off an event. It creates an atmosphere that people cannot help but feel. Good lighting can turn the worst stickler into a grinning party-goer in no time. Some examples of good lighting techniques includes getting candles or black lights. Depending on your theme, some lighting techniques will fit better with others. Going for a relaxed Hawaiian theme? Tiki torches are a must. Want something festive and colorful? Christmas lights can really set the mood, especially around the winter months. For a hip and faster paced party, a disco ball can give your party the electric atmosphere you were looking for.

Orphaned to Hatred is a professional catering and entertainment service that throws great parties.

Orphaned to Hatred - Fundraising Strategies -

Be Personal

Orphaned to Hatred is a group that has been helping host and put on fund raisers for various causes and events for over twenty years now. Over that time they have developed strategies that generate some great numbers. If you are looking to improve your fundraiser and have the same success that they have, it isn’t as hard as you think. The difference between a memorable fundraiser that shatters donation goals, and ones that are dead in the water, is really all about the details. Every little thing you do can help tip the balance in your favor. One way to get the ball rolling for a fundraiser is to make everything more personal for the people you are trying to reach.

Let’s face it, getting an email about anything that doesn’t directly involve people you actually know, mostly just feels like spam. That is why it is not usually a good idea to simply send out mass emails or participate in a mass email campaign for your business. Not only can this cut into your budget, but it isn’t very effective either. The best way to attract people is by making it personal and using hand-written letters. Just by receiving something that has the care and individual attention of a hand-written letter, a person appreciates it more, and is more likely to examine the content. This can translate into better attendance and overall donations. Emails should only be used as a follow up to a hand-written letter.

Orphaned to Hatred sends hand-written letter invitation to many fundraiser guests.

Orphaned To Hatred

Orphaned to Hatred - Intro to Special Effects

Orphaned to Hatred is an entertainment and event caterer that has been working in the industry for many years now. Part of their method for creating a great show and generating buzz around an event is by using special effects. Special effects are known as tricks or illusions played on the eyes, or by manipulating perception to achieve a desired effect. Special effects are most commonly used in television and film, theatre, video games, and music shows. Traditionally there were two different categories for special effects. However, with the recent introduction of digital filmmaking, a third has come into the mix.


Orphaned To Hatred

The three categories of special effects are optical, mechanical, and visual, which usually refers to post-production digital effects. Mechanical or physical effects is the most basic of the three categories and are usually done live-action. Mechanical effects can include scenery, scale models, animatronics, props, and atmospheric effects like clouds, snow, rain, wind, and fog. Good examples of mechanical special effects include making a building glow up or a car to seem as if it is driving itself. Mechanical effects are often used in conjunction with make-up and set designs in order to create a desired effect, especially in movies and television.

Mechanical special effects today are not used nearly as much as in the past. This is partly due to the recent transition into the digital age. Now computer generated imagery is simply cheaper, faster, and more stunning, rendering a lot of mechanical effects pointless.

Orphaned to Hatred is an entertainment service that uses special effects in their shows. 



Musical, and Other, Entertainment - Orphaned

to Hatred

The musical entertainment for presentation planning is, of course, right up Orphan’s alley, so to speak, as the Sanders brothers essentially began their event business venture with a solid basis in musical contacts in the Phoenix/Apache Junction region.  Scaling the musical entertainment to the size, audience and theme is an area of expertise for the Orphan staff, as they have access to the best talent musically in the area.  Live entertainment available includes singers, bands, small string groups, and DJ’s with the best set lists and electronic systems.  The musical genre selections are also extensive.  Classical, big band, dance tunes, sing-alongs, karaoke, instrumental, rock and roll, western, country and hip-hop, both live and on the DJ set list are available, as well as the choice of televised room video from different big screen setups. Orphaned to Hatred is uniquely prepared to ensure listening and dancing pleasure and excitement from the choice of music selections available, and can ensure a varied song list should it be desired.


Orphaned To Hatred


Entertainment can make or break the successful fundraising presentation. Music is a go-to solution, but providing other forms of entertainment is also possible. Performing acrobats, clever magician’s tricks, performing artists and experienced comedians are great choices, as well as searching out celebrities whose hearts are also dedicated to the focus charity, and who may donate their performance to the cause.Orphaned to Hatred has access to the right entertainment, matched to the perfect event.



Marketing the Event - Orphaned to Hatred

Orphaned to Hatred is also cognizant of the importance of determining the demographics of the audience the event wishes to attract.  Money, time and effort can be wasted in directing publicity, appeals, media attention and electronic contact in the wrong direction.  Charity events have an entirely different preferred guest list, than corporate events, which may be more concerned with attracting the attention of stockholders, essential suppliers, and new business contacts.  And on a related basis, social events have a targeted guest list which includes family, friends, loved ones, relatives, and others who are more important personally perhaps, than professionally.  Important for public events, especially, are related concerns, such as age of guests, career or business arcs of guests, cultural or ethnic backgrounds of attendees, etc.  Any or all of these are important to consider in relation to the focus and purpose of the event, and could impact the setup details, such as musical entertainment, theme, and décor, as well as menus and epicurean offerings if the event features a dinner or buffet.  Getting the word out, or marketing, to this target audience, can also be affected by the demographics of that list.  Marketing will include utilizing the fundraising network of the organization, invitations and direct mail. 


Orphaned To Hatred


Orphaned to Hatred also insists on a run through, or practice, of the event and its various components, to try to anticipate any glitches or concerns to nip in the bud, and also to help key event staff achieve a smooth flow of duties and responsibilities. 



Effective Event Publicity - Orphaned to Hatred

Orphaned to Hatred, the event and music coordinating company which handles the many details of a successful fundraising or awareness event in the Apache Junction and Phoenix regions of Arizona, can  plan the creative details which make the presentation special, such as, what will the event be?  It can be more traditional, such as a live auction and/or dinner combo, or could be creative; a water melon throwing contest, a prestigious long distance race, or a cycling marathon.  Whatever the focal event of the fund raising effort, Orphaned to Hatred will assure that volunteers and organizers are agreed on the effort, and have all the direction and information needed to bring all the details for success together.  Electronic communication media; twitter, email, websites and blogs, are an essential tool in bringing together information, schedules and deadlines for volunteers in all areas of the fundraising effort.  Later on, these same tools help to promote the event to supporters, corporate interests, leaders in the community and government entities.  Orphaned to Hatred is experienced in bringing together the many contributors who will make for event success, and knowledgeable in the use of electronic communication to help make it happen.


Orphaned To Hatred


Publicity is the next important execution, and here, too, the electronic media, especially email and websites, are a strong part of the Orphaned to Hatred experience.  Flyers are an important part of getting out the word, and computer created flyers can be sent quickly to contacts who are willing to post and send to employees, customers and potential corporate donors and attendees.



Exciting Auction Activities - Orphaned to


A traditional, but still effective and profitable approach for Orphaned to Hatred event excitement, is the auction.  This can be a silent auction, which can be promoted with a silent auction request letter and a donation form presented by volunteers to vendors, local merchants, personal contacts, members of the presenting organization and vendors who are working for and with the event. 

The live auction lends itself to much more physical interaction on the part of attendees, and many interesting visuals.  An event host with special talent for drumming up excitement, is an added bonus, as well as the opportunity to create a stunning display of the most impressive items up for auction.  Feature the auction items in stunning images printed in the event invitation, to encourage attendees to bring charge cards and checkbooks, and don’t forget to enlist the help of a local bank to set up a special account, in the event that the organization does not accept credit.


Orphaned To Hatred


Raffle tickets can be offered for sale, and promoters can add a special incentive by discounting the tickets with RSVP responses from invitees.  RSVP discounts encourage non-attendees to donate to the event in absentia. 

On-site ticket sales can be boosted by an attractive visual display of raffle prizes, and give the sales of on-site tickets a special and irresistible boost by dressing the school age children of organizers in their best, and encouraging them to roam among guests and offer tickets for sale.  Children are especially irresistible as salesmen for non-profit event promotions.

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Orphaned to Hatred is a professional party catering, event planning, and entertainment service that has been making great events for many years now. Their expertise is making a fun and memorable event by providing the best in party entertainment. If you are trying to throw a party the way the professionals do it, this article has a few tips and tricks to help you out. Creating a good party isn’t just about making a couple fliers and having lots of friends and a good location, it requires nuance and skill in order to make it memorable. One of the best tools to do this is to come up with a great playlist for your party to rock people’s socks off.

Any party is improved by adding a little music to the mix. The real key is finding the music to match the mood of the party and the event. For instance, an art-themed party that showcases paintings, may prefer softer classical piano, whereas a pool party might prefer some casual classic rock or pop. A post-prom party may want to implement some slow songs or inspiring graduation tunes that really punctuate the last four years of experience. Music is all about evoking emotion, so find the emotions that are appropriate for your party, then the music that complements it. Coming up with a good music mix is sure to make your party memorable. Slow jams or death metal ballads, it’s all about the mood you are trying to set.

Orphaned to Hatred is a professional party service that also provides musical entertainment.